16 October 2024 (In-Person & Online)

The 4th Africa International E-Waste Conference

Theme: E-Waste Policies, Governance and Regulations : Enabling a Sustainable E-Waste Ecosystem

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We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to the 4th Africa International E-Waste Conference, scheduled to take place on October 16th 2024. This prestigious hybrid event will bring together key stakeholders, experts, policymakers, and industry leaders from across the globe to address the critical issues surrounding electronic waste management and sustainable solutions.

WEEE Centre is a leading E-waste recycling facility in East Africa. We are a social enterprise aiming for a green and safe environment through a circular vision for e-waste management. In November 2022, we held the second Africa International E-waste Conference, which was very successful, bringing together 46 experts and attracting over 800 registered attendees from around the Globe.

This year, the theme is "E-Waste Policies, Governance and Regulations : Enabling a Sustainable E-Waste Ecosystem" and the main objective is to:

  • Foster Inter-African Collaboration
  • Bridge Africa with Global Efforts
  • Strengthen E-Waste Legislation
  • Promote Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Enhance Intersectoral Collaboration
  • Unlock Financing for E-Waste Management

Why attend?

We eagerly anticipate your involvement in ensuring the success of the "E-Waste Policy and Governance: Enabling a Sustainable E-Waste Ecosystem" conference. For additional information about the event, please find the details on the concept and sponsorship package (limited slots) linked here.
Below is the 3rd Conference Magazine.